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The Capital Community Housing Inc. (CCH) website is down while some adjustments are made to the information written there. In the meantime, please see the vacancies in Shared Social Housing.

Shared Social Housing vacancies for people with disability.

The following vacancies may have eligibility or funding requirements. Please contact Allison at CCH on 6287 4344 or email for more information or to apply.


Immediate Vacancy | Kambah

I am a 41 year old woman living in a fully accessible 3 bedroom home with 24/7 support from CarePlus Services. I am a Buddhist, non-drinker and smoker. I enjoy buying jewellery, beads, doing craft activities and like my Cabbage Patch and Barbie dolls. I enjoy heavy Metal music especially Guns and Roses. I enjoy a BBQ, 2 minute noodles, cooking curry and like to watch ABC kids. I am planning to get a cat.
My preferred housemate would be a kind woman who supported my religious beliefs and liked some similar things.


Immediate Vacancy | Inner North

I am a 50 year old male smoker who would like to share my 24/7 care in a wheelchair accessible property. I have limited equipment storage. Although I love others pets, I have none of my own. I smoke outside with the radio quietly on 106.3. I love DVD’s watching sci-fi, drama, and thrillers and enjoy TV with just the facts, 60 minutes, documentaries, current affairs and the news. No chick flicks! I enjoy going out, coffee, smoking, people watching and meeting interesting people. I love my own space and I like boating, fishing, motorbikes and enjoy the outdoors.
My ideal flatmate would be female, reasonably neat, would have an interesting life and be someone who likes conversation.


Immediate Vacancy | Inner South

Vacancy in three bedroom home with drop in support if needed. Looking for one male to live with one other, 61 year old male, non-smoker. I am very neat and tidy and love to put things away. I like footy on TV, old movies, Harry Potter, Walt Disney and car racing. I love gardening and like to fix things. The preferred housemate would be patient around my long showers and would enjoy sitting down and have a meal and a conversation.


Immediate Vacancy | Belconnen

We are three independent mature women living in 24/7 supported accommodation looking for a fourth woman to complete our household. The property is a large 4 bedroom fully accessible home with 2 large bathrooms.
We are fairly independent occasionally coming together socially over meals for a chat. We are non-smokers but don’t mind sharing with those that smoke outside. We like in a quiet in our home especially at night and spend most days out at separate activities. Some of us have young family that visit on weekends and we are very supportive of each other. Some like to cook (with support) and others rely on the support to provide meals. Generally we try to be courteous and supportive of each other.
Our desired housemate would be easy to get on with, reasonably quiet and have a good sense of humour.


Looking for housemates | North-side

Very energetic mum wants to create a home for her 40-something year old son which is focusing on ability rather than disability and encourages independence. They would like to meet a group of likeminded families who will join with them in their enthusiasm for creating a good life. Currently their life is centred in Gungahlin.

The young man at the centre of this is described as cheeky, fun loving, relaxed and, go with the flow. He finds communication difficult and relies on the skills of others to communicate but is very aware of emotion and does not like conflict.

‘I like good food and wine (European style) and enjoy a great social life. I enjoy cooking, music, and outdoors and adore animals. Unfortunately, I am allergic to cats.  I have my own part time business and am very active during the day. I wish to live in a happy environment with several others.’

When we find others who are likeminded we can discuss property. We have an application to housing accepted and are willing to look at private rental or other options.


Immediate vacancy | Kambah

I am a 48 year old male living in a fully accessible two bedroom home in Tuggeranong. There is 24/7 support from the adjacent home. I love to go out to sporting events supporting the Capitals, Brave, Raider and Brumbies teams. I love to go to the Club for dinner. My Ideal flatmate is a non-smoking female of similar age who is in a wheelchair, independent, likes sport (not soccer) and is laidback.


Immediate vacancy | Tuggeranong

30 something male with 24/7 sleepover care provided by House With No Steps. The home is three bedrooms with two separate living areas to allow for quiet, separate living.

The current occupant enjoys living in isolation only with contact from carers. He is non-verbal. He doesn’t seek confrontation, interaction, or dialogue through his movements, and/or actions, with other tenant due to his extreme autism. He requires a peaceful environment. He likes to shower regularly, trampoline and go on long walks. He enjoys meal times, however would prefer to eat separately to any new housemate. There are two areas for dining.

The ideal housemate would be a strong, quiet male who did not seek the other tenants company or interaction, rather spending time out or with carers.


Immediate Vacancy | Inner North

One bedsit available in a 7 Bedsit property with each bedsit containing kitchenette (no stove or hotplates), bathroom and large bedroom. These bedsits are attached internally to a larger dwelling. The property is wheelchair accessible with wide corridors. The common area includes a large kitchen, combined dining-lounge area and laundry with two washing machines for use by the residents on a rostered basis (no electric dryer).

The current residents are  between 30-55 years in age (4 female and 2 male). They are fairly independent with some of them receiving individual and drop-in support. The people who live there share an evening meal; however they are required to organise their own breakfast and lunch independently from the communal kitchen.

The household is looking for an independent male, non-smoker, who is polite, easy going, and likes to help with cooking of evening meals and cleaning of the common areas and after himself. Each individual brings their own support to the home and the household currently shares the cooking and common area housekeeping services.


Immediate Vacancy | Southside

27 year old male looking for a male of similar age to share a 3 bedroom home in Woden. I have NDIS funding and am receiving 24/7 support. I am active, independent and have a good sense of humour. I like music, movies, physical activities and eating out. I am quiet and enjoy the company of others, but also value privacy, own space and routines, generally showing respect for others. I need things in order and like to wander around freely. I dislike dogs, loud noises and crowded environments and need to withdraw to a private space at times. I would like a housemate that would be respectful of my needs for space and predictable routines and be open and accepting of cultural diversity.


Expressions of Interest Abbeyfield Garran

We live in a house for young adults with a mild intellectual disability.  We also have some older people living in the house at the moment.  The house has ten bedrooms and they all have ensuites. It also has a common area with a television, which we watch together if we want to watch the same thing.   We are going to get some more games soon, like a Wii.
We have a housekeeper who lives in a flat that is part of the house.  She doesn’t look after us, but she cooks dinner for us all every night and looks after the common areas.  She also buys all of the food so we can make our own breakfasts and lunches.   We all eat together every night, unless we are out.   A weekend housekeeper cooks our meals on Saturday and Sunday nights.
We are all independent and a lot of us have jobs.  Even if we don’t have a job, most of us go out every day to activities.  We each have our own small garden area, and our own keys.  We come and go as we want to, as long as we let the housekeeper know if we will be out for dinner.
We have some spare rooms and are looking for people who will get on well with those of us living there now.  There is no payment to join us in the house – and the weekly payment covers rent, food, and the housekeeper’s wages.
If you would like more information about Abbeyfield houses and the philosophy behind them please see
If you would like more information about the Garran house please contact Edwina on or 0412 047 094.

Queries or Expressions of Interest

Contact Capital Community Housing in one of the following ways:
Phone: Allison Cooper-Stanbury on (02) 6287 4344
Postal Address: Shared Social Housing, PO Box 4056, Weston ACT 2611


-FILLED- Immediate vacancy | Belconnen

45 year old non-smoking male living in his privately owned fully furnished 3 bedroom townhouse, with 24/7 care, looking for similar person to occupy the master ensuite bedroom.
I live with a small dog and need to be neat enough to avoid any trip hazards due to my sight impairment. I love ACDC, BBQ’s and eating pizza once a week. I watch the news, quiz programs, comedy and police shows on TV and DVD’s. I enjoy going out driving, visiting friends, playing cards, going to the mall and reading car and cricket magazines.
My ideal housemate would be quiet, not bossy, share household chores with the supervision of support workers and eat meals at the table with me.


-FILLED- Immediate vacancy | Kambah

We are a happy pair. One female, one male, who are 40+ years young looking for another to join our peaceful, happy home. The best applicant would be respectful of others space, quiet and gentle and enjoys a very social life.

We have 24/7 sleepover support with Valmar services and have terrific long term staff who are very much a part of our lives. We like being treated like adults, enjoying great food, lots of music and like spending group time with our families, neighbours and out in the community. We enjoy the hairdresser visits, general pampering and keeping a tidy home.

The property is fully accessible to accommodate wheelchair use with limited space for additional storage.


-FILLED- Immediate vacancy | Belconnen

We are two females and one male aged between 30 and 55 living in our affordable non-government community housing property. Our fourth housemate would have their own bedsit with their own bathroom, 24/7 sleepover care through House With No Steps and shared living, kitchen and laundry spaces. We desire no pets.
We are small in stature, and are a gentle, quiet natured, leisurely household. We have light popular music or TV going as background in the Lounge room or in our rooms. We get up after 7am and have a leisurely morning. We go out to our respective activities most days during the week. We also do some activities together in the house or do our own thing separately. We eat as a group at night. The families regularly visit and socialise with the household and work through a system of mutually agreed decision making.
Our desired housemate would respect our privacy, join in our quiet, easy going house hold and be someone to chat to in our own way.


-FILLED- Immediate vacancy | Tuggeranong

31 year old female living in a 3 bedroom house looking for one other female non-smoker with 24/7 support from House With No Steps. This property shares care with another 2 bedroom home with 2 other females on a dual occupancy block.

I require 24/7 care but have the ideal of living as independently as possible and am learning to make my own decisions. I am an early morning person and go to work early 4 days a week. As a result I go to bed early also. I love animals, going to the movies and am a social butterfly. I enjoy music, basketball and drama class. I support the raiders and enjoy watching the football, cartoons or a good movie on TV.

The Ideal person would be non-smoking and a good clear communicator who would allow me to make my own decisions.

-FILLED- Immediate vacancy | Kambah

I am a 42 year old woman looking for another woman to share my 3 bedroom home in Kambah. I hope to have 24/7 care provided by FOCUS to support me. I love to get up late and stay up late dancing and listening to loud music such as the Beetles and Elvis. I enjoy going to the movies, swimming, eating out. I love Chinese food and like to cook pasta and stir fry. My favourite TV includes watching Bold and the Beautiful and watching movies such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I am described as having a great fantasy life, being fun loving and having a desire to please. My ideal housemate would be thoughtful, fun loving, and supportive of my music and interests. It would be great if they enjoyed going out to eat, dancing and loud 60’s music.

-FILLED- Immediate vacancy | Kambah

Two males in their mid-30’s are looking for a third 25+ to share a 4 bedroom, one bathroom home in Kambah. The men love their own space in a clean quiet environment. This 24/7 total care environment is supported under NDIS funding by Valmar Services. The desired person would be need to have similar care requirements (NDIS item No’s 14003 to 14013) and be very quiet and calm and respectful of others.

The existing residents have wheel chairs which are occasionally used on outings but are not used in their home because of safety concerns. The provider has a vehicle to transport clients as required and the current residents love car trips and attending sharing places.

-FILLED- Available from December 2015 | West Belconnen

2 bedroom unit with one bathroom and double garage, on a dual occupancy block, 10 minutes from Belconnen town centre.  Sharing this block is another 2 bedroom unit with a male and 24/7 care. Quest Solutions owns the building and Capital Community Housing is tenancy managing. The ideal person would be a non-smoker between 25 and 50, quiet and calm, with need for 24/7 care. The current occupant is averse to loud noises and likes routine, and is easily distracted by dominant personalities. He is very active and enjoys getting out into the world.

-FILLED- Immediate Vacancy | Belconnen -FILLED-

Large 4 bedroom two bathroom accessible home with 24/7 care supported by House with no steps. We have just transitioned to NDIS. We are a mature household 2 women and one man looking for a male 50-65 who has a strong sense of responsibility to others to fit with the independent, do your own thing, quiet household. We would like someone who is interested in the arts, able to join and talk with us in the home, with a good sense of humour. We currently have fish and are thinking about a new cat.

-FILLED- Vacancy Available October 2015 | Weston Creek -FILLED-
40 something household, looking for a fourth to share fully wheelchair accessible, 4 Bedroom home with 2 Bathrooms, wide doorways and corridors. Our home is close to the bus and local shops. We are a bunch of healthy eaters who enjoy doing our own things but who also enjoy some social times together and with others.
The person we are looking for must be considerate of others lifestyle within the house and be able to enjoy the 24/7 nature of the care provided in the home. We seek someone who is friendly with some mobility and communication skills and who is a non -smoker.

-FILLED- Immediate Vacancy | Belconnen -FILLED-
I am a 30 year old guy who lives in his private home in Cook with drop in support. I share with a second male house sharer and a small in-house dog. I have a physical disability and use an electronic communicator. I am an avid sports watcher and enjoy playing Boccia and Archery. I have Foxtel, wireless internet and Wii. The house has ramp access, an accessible kitchen, bathroom and laundry. I am looking to find another mature male to join in our household. My home is within walking distance of the Jamison shops and bus stops. The new house sharer will have the large light filled main room with ensuite, walk-in-robe, and a large balcony. The ideal sharer must be prepared to participate in the life of the household; some cooking, sharing meals and cleaning. I would like to share with someone who does not work in the evenings and would be willing to keep me company by watching some TV with me.

-FILLED- Expressions of Interest | McKellar -FILLED-
Capital Community Housing has an exciting opportunity coming our way in early January 2016.  We have been offered a five bedsit, purpose built home in McKellar.  We are seeking Expressions of interest from people who may like to explore this housing opportunity further.
At this stage we have no picture in our mind with regard to support arrangements. If 24/7 care is required we can discuss using one of the rooms for staff.
This is a new built property so is modern clean and ready to go.  Rent is likely to be around $160 per person per week, plus you will need to make a small contribution to the costs of gas, electricity, gardening and cleaning.  Each person will have their own bed room, small sitting room, ensuite and built robes with access to shared kitchen, laundry, and living.  You have your own door (external exit) to come and go as you need to or you can use the front door whatever suits you best.
This house is currently being built and will be available for tenants early next year.
If you are interested in this style of housing but are committed to life on the Southside please let us know. If we have enough interest we may be able to get a property built on the Southside.

-FILLED- New Year Vacancy | Fadden -FILLED-

House with No Steps (HWNS) have an exciting opportunity opening up in early 2016. They will be providing the opportunity for up to 5 people to live together in a dual occupancy arrangement in Fadden ACT. This property is leased from the private market on a 10 year lease.
At the front of the property is a 3 Bedroom House with one bathroom. Each person will have their own bedroom, but will need to share the bathroom. They will share the common living areas such as dining room, kitchen and laundry.
Behind this property, a purpose built class C, fully accessible 2 bedroom house is in the final stages of construction. This will have capacity for 2 people to live. This 2 bedroom villa has 2 bathrooms both accessible.
The support arrangements for these properties will depend on the needs of clients who are interested. House with no Steps is the support provider. For more information on HWNS please call 6195 7777.

The next meeting with House With No Steps (support provider of the Fadden property) regarding this opportunity is:

Date:     Friday 27 November
Time:     3pm
Venue: 60-62 Oatley Court Belconnen (Near the Basketball Stadium).